Monday, 16 June 2014

Little House Pouch

A little while back I was contacted by the lovely Lindsay from Zakka Workshop Patterns. This publishing company translates popular Japanese patchwork patterns into English making them more accessible to us non Japanese speaking folks. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to try out some of their patterns for myself, all of the projects looked super cute!

I made the house make up case.
I'm usually much too impatient when it comes to following the written instructions on a pattern, especially when it comes with pretty colourful diagrams like these do, I tend to jump straight in and start sewing. But since I was to leave a review I made sure to follow the step by step instructions carefully. The written instructions combined with pretty diagrams that include all the measurements make constructing this cute little pouch a breeze. There are templates included for all the patchwork pieces which can be traced onto the fabric or copied onto freezer paper for reuse.
There is a ton of hand sewing and hand quilting involved which makes this little pouch a perfect portable sewing project for summer.

I really enjoyed adding all the little details to my pouch and  it gave me a little distraction from the painful recovery after having my final wisdom teeth extracted - ouch! (Almost back to normal now it's been over a month - woe is me)

The patterns are available for purchase here.
Keep an eye out for Zakka Workshop Patterns if you have been looking high and low for Kumiko Fujita's long out of print Patchwork 318 as they will be reprinting the translated version sometime in the future!!

x Leila