Monday, 4 August 2014

Summer Skirts

With the summer holidays in full flow I have only little time left for sewing. So I decided to whip up a few quick and easy summer skirts. I used the circle skirt app from By Hand London to calculate my waist radius and adjusted the length of each skirt to my own preference.

First up a 1/2 circle skirt using a left over piece of jersey from my Elisalex dress. As far as skirts go you can't get it much simpler than this. One seam for the back, one seam to attach the elastic waistband and since this jersey does not fray at all, hemming is completely optional (I'm lazy so I didn't!)

I followed pretty much the same recipe for my next skirt only this one is a 1/4 circle in a lighter weight blue floral jersey. Sooo comfy!

Next up is a maxi 1/2 circle skirt in a cheap floral poly blend. For this skirt I had to add a regular waistband and an invisible zip. It was cheap fabric mainly bought because I loved the print and it draped nicely but it was a nightmare to sew with. It kept snagging, would not submit to even the least amount of ironing, the waistband interfacing did not stick and after three failed attempts at properly hemming the skirt I got fed up and just used my overlocker instead- meh. I still like it as a handmade alternative to a skirt bought from one of the cheap chain stores. But this one most likely will only survive one summer.

Must try a half circle maxi again in nicer fabric next time as I really do enjoy wearing a long flowy skirt!

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely summer!

x Leila