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Thursday, 6 December 2012

two more bee blocks

These are my last two bee blocks for Cocorico.

First up is Erin who has a little one on the way and asked us for nursery rhyme blocks. I settled on twinkle twinkle little star. I used Lynne's ET phone home block because I loved how the stars in this block also look a bit like a brilliant cut diamond 'like a diamond in the sky'...

Erin's block completed. It turned quite soft with a sort of vintage feel, I like it. Hope Erin will like it too!

I took a snap shot with my new toy, isn't Instagram the best!

This block has a very soft vintage sort of feel to it, which is exactly what I wanted - result!

Next up is another house block for Kerry. I used a pattern from Patchwork 163 (I got my copy here) it's a lovely book I'm dying to make so many more of these blocks!

House block for Kerry #cocorico

I tried to incorporate as many cute fabrics as I possibly could without it becoming too busy. There's little fussy cut pieces of Kumiko Fujita and Shinzi Katoh for the door and windows, a bit of Suzuko Koseki for the main body of the house and some Denyse Schmidt for the roof. House blocks are possibly my very favourite thing to sew!

With these two last blocks I've finished a years worth of Cocorico blocks. I think a mosaic is in order don't you?!

Cocorico blocks for 2012

I sure hope we will be doing another round in 2013!!

x Leila

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Autumn has arrived with it's mandatory seasonal colds and shivers. Now that we're just a little under the weather but no longer huddled up under a pile of quilts watching DVDs I can finally catch up on some sewing.

October was Tamiko's month in Cocorico her theme was Hawaii. I was glad to get a second shot at this theme as I wasn't too pleased with the block I had made her in Ringo Pie.
I settled on a pineapple block from Patchwork 318.

Cocorico October - Hawaii
I'm quite pleased with this cute little pineapple. Seeing as it finishes at only 5.5'' I decided to add a border to bulk it up a little.

Cocorico October - Hawaii

As usual with Kumiko Fujita block designs looks are deceiving, there were some tricky inset seams to tackle. It took me two attempts but I conquered them - yay!

One belated bee block down, four more to go I think, yikes best get cracking!
But before I leave, the inspiration for my block and the reason I couldn't stop giggling the whole time I was sewing this...

They sure look comfortable don't they ;)

x Leila

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bee blocks

For August in Cocorico Kylie asked us to make blocks with the theme 'Best of British'. With so many wonderful British icons to choose from I am sure her quilt will be fantastic! I chose to make a fox block.

Cocorico August - Best of British for Kylie

I am always amazed just how many foxes roam an ordinary English street at night. Before I frequently visited the UK I had no idea there was such a thing as an urban fox. If someone had told me I would have never assumed they meant the actual animal ;)
But whenever I'm there I see foxes walking up and down the street every evening, they don't seem the least bit frightened of humans and quite comfortable living in town.

So that was my inspiration for this block. Of course there's also the matter of fox hunting and such...all very British but I can't imagine anyone would want to hunt this cutie!!
I used the Lil' Fox Pattern by Sonja Artisania

June was Tamiko's month in Ringo Pie, she chose Magnum PI as a theme for her month. It's a great theme, so original and funny but never having watched the show I struggled a bit.
As with most tv shows that revolve around the heroic male lead character there will be some helpless female supporting roles in need of rescuing. If they're scarcely clad so much the better -right ;)

Ringo Pie Magnum PI - June Tamiko

So I made this bikini block. I am not at all convinced it's really in keeping with the Magnum PI theme but it's bright and beachy so I hope it will fit in with the quilt somehow.

For the first time since summer started I am all caught up on my bee blocks, it feels great!

x Leila

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cocorico June- Artist's Studio

June is Amy's month in Cocorico. She asked us to make an artist's studio block.
Initially I thought I would make a block of colouring pencils but inspiration lead me elsewhere and I ended up with this pencil sketch block instead. I quite like it when a block design just sort of happens.
Cocorico June - artist's studio

I used the letters from Patchwork 318 and drafted the pencil myself. I played with the word 'sketch' and 'draft' first but the block was getting rather large as it is so I had to go with the smallest word. I chose to leave the 'T' unfinished (lighter) to go with my idea of a sketch and it felt more in keeping with the studio theme.

Cocorico June - artist's studio

I am quite tickled by the idea of sketching the word art, this unfinished, undefined 'drawing' of a word that many have tried to define. I like that it's not a sketch at all but just pieces of fabric trying to convey the texture of a pencil and the lines that it draws. I love the illusion of it all!

x Leila

Sunday, 20 May 2012

One down two to go - Cocorico April

I am behind on my bee blocks - yuk! But best not dwell on that at least I caught up with one.
 April was Charise's month and she chose houses as her theme. Much to my delight, as it may be no secret that I love paper pieced house blocks! Here's what I came up with.

Cocorico April - House block for Charise
There's a fair bit of spring cleaning going on inside this white picket fenced house. I wish those lovely ladies would come round my home sometime.

One down, two more to go!

Have a lovely Sunday,

Leila x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

~ January ~

I finished my January bee blocks.
In Patchwork 318, this month is all about gardening. I decided on making a watering can block for Tamiko. It was pleasant to work with a bit of fresh green on these dark and gloomy days of January!

In the garden block for Tamiko
It does look a bit like spring don't you think?

Melinda's vintage/cute Christmas block was already nearly finished. It just needed a border and some stamping. I stamped parts of the lyrics to "white Christmas" the way they get stuck in my head whenever I hear the song.

Vintage Christmas for Melinda

Well that was officially the last of Christmas, the tree is gone, the decorations are back in their boxes tucked away for December and nearly all the chocolates are eaten.
Bring it on January, my least favourite of months. I will not let your short dreary days bring me down! Perhaps it's a good thing not all the chocolate is eaten yet ;-)

x Leila

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bee blocks November/January ~ Houses ~

It's been all about the house blocks for me lately. I am sure it is just one of those crushes that will pass eventually, but for now it is all about houses!

For Melinda's month in Cocorico we're making vintage Christmas blocks. I decided on a gingerbread house. Not quite finished yet, it needs to be a bit bigger, I will add a border of some sort to get it up to the right size. But I am letting it sit for a while as I could not decide exactly where to go next with this.

Vintage Christmas for Melinda - Cocorico January

Meanwhile in Patchwork 318 the bee, three amazing ladies made the most beautiful blocks for my "Home sweet home" month. Seriously my heart skipped a beat each time one of these blocks appeared!

First up is Kerry's block, full of vintage style as only she can. I love the Dutch people curtains and the lady in the doorway, it even has my house number on it!

Next is Ayumi, she made the sweetest ABC house block, she is so clever! And it is very appropriate as I am still in the midst of getting the little man back up to speed with school, the ABC song can often be heard here ;-)

House Bock for Leila ~318 Bee ~
Charise blows us all away with her interpretation of a Marken house filled with buttons, pincushions and sewing goodies!

Marken House for Leila
I am sooooo thrilled with each one of these blocks, they are full of wonderful personal touches that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - thank you so much ladies!!

In other news, I got invited to the mother of all bee's and I am both thrilled and petrified!!
We don't start the next round till March so I have time to prepare myself for the bee with a name like a rockstar.. ;-)

x Leila

Friday, 11 November 2011

this week...

This week, I received the most perfect pillow from Jennifer as part of the Pillow talk Swap. I got so lucky this round!! I had been secretly hoping this cushion would come my way, it's just perfect don't you think?

PTS Received!!

Not only does it look stunning from the front it has an equally amazing back too.
As if that wasn't enough she also sent a ton of fabrics and some very cute fabric labels that made my heart skip a beat!

Thank you so much Jennifer, you need not have worried I really, really LOVE it!!

I finished this month's Cocorico Bee block for Krista.
Her theme was 'hit the slopes' and there are some truly amazing blocks produced already by my bee mates. Well worth to have a look at the group pool here or you can click the new button Megan made for us on my side bar.

I used Kerry's paper piecing pattern but decided to mix things up a little. I used the freezer paper method as I prefer it to traditional paper piecing and just made the individual segments. I improvised the suit case and then played around with my individual blocks until I was happy with the layout. Then I added strips to make everything fit. I finished up with some hand stitching to accentuate the fact that there's a mitten missing.
I know nothing about winter sports but I do happen to know about packing for a trip and somehow there's always a missing mitten!

Let's hit the slopes! November Cocorico Bee block for Krista

I wonder if the lost mittens just ran away from home to hang out with the lost socks. I bet they are smoking behind the bike shed hoping not to get caught and sent home again ;-)

x Leila

Monday, 17 October 2011

October Bee Blocks

Thanks to all your wonderful tips I finished this months cocorico bee block .
I tried most of the suggestions for the antennae, before settling on these .The bias tape applique looked too whimsical, which is not what I was after with this block. After a few stitches of embroidery I thought it didn't show enough contrast.. I can not for the life of me master free motion so I just 'stitched and turned'

Annabel's Orchard - Cocorico Bee block October
Annabel's Orchard

 I'm pleased with how this block came out and I do think it rather looks more like a moth/butterfly than a half dresden now. Annabel asked for 12" x 16" blocks to make placemats for her dinner guests. Although I do think she has changed her mind on letting food touch her blocks now ;-)

Next up is the block I made for Kerry for our Patchwork 318 bee.
Kerry chose 'afternoon tea' as her theme, which I love. I drink it by the bucket so this was definitely a theme I could work with ;-)

Kerry's Afternoon Tea - Patchwork 318 Bee - October

I actually think Kerry's afternoon tea is a lot more refined than mine. No buckets there but a fine collection of vintage cups and saucers she picked up on one of her trips to the car boot sale.
This block measures 6 1/2" unfinished.

Next month we'll hit the slopes with Krista, she and her family enjoy skiing something I know nothing about! The bar has been set amazingly high already have a look at Amy's block!!
And I get to choose a theme for the 318 bee, I have not settled on a final idea yet but I will keep you all posted.

x Leila

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

w.i.p ~moth bee block~

I'm back!!

I freaked a little when they told me yesterday they were confident to have my internet restored in 5 working days...I mean five whole days without internet who could handle that?! ;-) But 27 hours later I'm back up and running.

I need your opinions on this bee block I'm working on for Annabel in the cocorico bee
I was inspired by Meg's Bee block and though it could do with a moth friend. After excitedly piecing the wing part I realized there was no way I could piece that scalloped edge. The only solution I could come up with was to applique the whole moth onto the background fabric. Now after all this needle turn applique I'm not so sure if I like it at all!

w.i.p. bee block for annabel

It obviously still needs antenna, and perhaps I'm just quick to judge and the antenna will make all the difference.
My little monster saw this and asked what it was. When I told him 'it is supposed to be a butterfly dear' he said 'well that didn't quite work out then mum did it!'
So what do you think, carry on or reject pile? And if carry on is your answer any suggestions on how I should do the antenna?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

x Leila

Saturday, 20 August 2011

August Bee Blocks

Today I want to share my most recent bee blocks with you.
First up is the block I made for Lauree in the Cocorico bee.

Cocorico September Bee block - Kitchen Couture

Her theme for the month is 'Kitchen Couture'. I drafted up this little pattern of a Japanese style teapot my mum used to have.  Hers was black, as most of these iron cast teapots are but I decided to make Lauree's teapot yellow just for fun!

Next up is my block for Patchwork 318 bee. Ayumi chose "Sweets' Shop" as her theme for the month.

318 Bee Block for Ayumi

I made a green tea and vanilla rose ice cream cone, topped with strawberry whipped cream and red chocolate bow. I managed to square this block up wrong at the very end! But thanks to all the wonderful people over on Flickr I'm now convinced this mistake isn't too bad after all :-)

I don't know about you but starting in a new bee always gets me a bit nervous!

Last up is Reene's block for Fresh Modern Bee 2. She asked us to make our signature block, and sent some wonderful Hope Valley fabric paired  with a bit of solid. I asked her if I could add some bits from my stash to make this + & x block.

FMB2 August Block for Nellie's Niceties

Not sure if it fits the bill as my signature block but I so enjoyed making my + & x blocks quilt that I really wanted to make another one of these blocks!

x Leila