Tuesday, 24 January 2012


My motivation to finish off those last few things in the sewing room has been low. I am as good as done but I would like to do and get a few more things. A trip to Ikea would be nice, I have dreams of a design wall, and a few shelves would not go unused either. But I'm lacking the proper tools (like a drill) and transportation to finish what I have started (there's only so much you can transport on a bicycle really) I have to face facts and accept I may never be able to get things exactly the way I would like them. Poor me right? ;)

But just at the right moment the postman came with some excellent motivation to stop feeling sorry for myself and finish up already!

Fabric treats

Who cares the room isn't perfect, I need to get sewing - now!!

x Leila


  1. mmm, those fabrics, I could barely pull my eyes away to read what you had to say, heheh. :) I wish I could send you a drill! and a bicycle, cool. I sometimes wish I could live somewhere that I only needed a bike to get around. Wanna be roomies? :)

  2. Whatever state your sewing space is in, it doesn't stop you being super creative.x

  3. Scrumptious fabrics for sure!!! I'm considering my room re-do another WIP and just living with it. Some days I am happier with that decision than others....like when I can't find a fabric I know I have a yard of somewhere. Somewhere!

  4. Yum!! What a nice postman with good timing :)
    I get my furniture from local charity shops and failing anyone to help me carry it or borrowing a car, they'll deliver fairly cheaply :)

  5. Oh my, that's a GORGEOUS stack. Wish we could go to Ikea together. I love that place!

  6. Methinks you got acquainted with La Clochette ;-)

  7. I think the postman got lost on the way to my house!!! Next time, please turn him away!

  8. Oooh what is that yellow print with the text? I think I'm in love... (again lol) Are we getting a finished space photo?!

  9. Can you send your postman to me too! Please!

    Em, with your stuff???


    You are right it is time to stitch!

  10. Those fabrics are grand. Happy sewing. It seems the winter blahs have taken over a lot of my friends moods. Feel better soon.

  11. Hoi Leila,
    Op een of andere manier komt mijn mailtje via Etsy niet bij jou aan.Maar je prachtige pakketje is aangekomen,dankjewel!

  12. if you tire of those fabrics, please for the love, send them to me! ;) wish i could send you a drill!


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