Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Boy's Nonsense tutorial - part 1

Boy's Nonsense

Before we get started I would love to give credit where credit is due by linking you to the quilt that inspired my design, but for some reason the link is no longer working! It was inspired by a detail shot from a Tokyo Quilt Festival quilt - sorry, I don't know who made it.
The block design is a variation on Boy's Nonsense  I loved the name so I kept it, it's as simple as that ;)
Fabrics used are Field Study by Anna Maria Horner, Kona cotton solids and a few Art Gallery prints.

Today we'll cover fabric requirements and cutting instructions.
The fabric requirements are based on one fabric used for light value (A) one for medium (B) and one for dark (C)
In reality I used fat quarters of different fabrics for my dark and medium values and two shades of Kona white for the background. If you plan on adding borders or making your quilt larger you will need to adjust the fabric requirements accordingly.

Finished block size 10" x 10" 

You will need:
  • Fabric A - 5\8 yard
  • Fabric B - 7\8 yard
  • Fabric C - 3\4 yard
  • Backing fabric - 1 1\2 yard
  • Binding fabric - 1\2 yard
  • Batting
  • Sewing supplies (rotary cutter, thread, scissors etc.)
I ended up making a smaller quilt than I had intended, 4 x 5 blocks. My fabric got lost in the mail, time was running out my border fabric didn't work...well lots of things went wrong!
You can make your quilt larger by adding more blocks or a border. If you are planning on making this quilt I would like you to consider adding a border, I think it would look great with this pattern!

  • From fabric A cut 40 3"x 3" squares, cut on the diagonal to make 80 half square triangles.
  • From fabric A cut 20 4 1\2" x 4 1\2" squares, cut on the diagonal to make 40 half square corner triangles.
  • From fabric B cut 20 5 1\2" x 5 1\2" centre squares.
  • From fabric B cut  20 4 1\2" x 4 1\2" squares, cut on the diagonal to make 40 half square corner triangles.
  • From fabric C cut 80 2 1\2" x 5 1\2" rectangles.

My quilt consists of 10 blocks with light value corner triangles and 10 blocks with relative medium or dark value corner triangles.
Light corner triangles.

Dark corner triangles.

You could choose to make all blocks the same (medium centre square, dark rectangles for instance) or if you are like me and find it difficult to stick to just one block repeat mix it up a bit. The value repeat of the blocks with light corners provides enough contrast for a little freedom to play around with the other blocks.

Alternating dark and light value corner triangles.
Same value pattern repeated.

Alternating, light and dark value rows.
 These are just a few examples of how you can use this block to create different rhythmic value layouts. Feel free to come up with your own variations, it's fun to play around with the layout!

Value Added
Next up, the block tutorial.

x Leila


    1. I'm not really a purple person (I'm trying to change!) but this design with the deep purple hues looks fantastic. I really like the way the browns keep the purple in line and make for a cosy fall colour scheme.

    2. The quilt looks amazing, the mixed up design is my favourite X

    3. This is a great tutorial. Thanks for putting it together!

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    5. planning planning planning... going to print these instructions out and pull fabrics today! love this quilt so much!

    6. What a gorgeous quilt! I'm printing the instructions now. :) Thank you!!

    7. I'm going to follow along and maybe make this one soon. It looks fun and your finished quilt is stunning.

    8. Stunning! Love it and the name lol

    9. Really clever and your quilt looks beautiful x

    10. Your quilt looks really beautiful, thank you for an excellent tutorial.

    11. totally awesome leila, I've been waiting for you to share more about this quilt! ok, what program do you use to do the quilt layouts, just curious. :)

    12. Look stunning and far too complicated right now!

    13. i adore this pattern and the fabrics you chose for it! i've been collecting some fabrics to make a quilt for my husband and this is the one. the name is perfect for it, too! i'll be using the AMH blue feathers, too. i'm adding some Martha Negley feather fabric, too.

      i do have a question about fabrics A, B, and C. do the letters correspond to light/medium/dark? i don't think they do when looking at your quilt. i will probably make a full size quilt for my husband and i'm trying to do the math, but i'm a bit confused :)

    14. okay, duh. i was captivated by your pretty pictures and didn't read the part where you said you didn't follow the A,B,C part of the pattern. nevermind :)

    15. Hi Leila! This quilt is stunning!! I hope it's ok I'm linking up to this tutorial for members of my do. Good Stitches circle. We'll be making these blocks this month. Thanks for sharing. : )

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