Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Pudding ornaments - tutorial

I'm slowly but surely getting into the Christmas spirit - yay! I whipped up a couple of cute ornaments and thought y'all might like a little tutorial?
These Christmas Pudding ornaments are fun to sew and very easy to make, so lets get started!

christmas pudding smaller

Christmas Pudding Ornaments Tutorial

You will need:
  • Pattern
  • Brown wool felt
  • White wool felt
  • Green wool felt
  • Red wool felt
  • Stuffing
  • Bakers twine or ribbon for hanging.
  • Embroidery cotton

  1. Cut 2 brown felt circles
  2. Cut 2 white felt icing shapes
  3. Cut 2 green felt leaves. (I found the stems of the leaves too fiddly to cut so I left those off)
  4. Cut 3 red felt berries.
If you have a circle cutter use it! I don't have one so I use my trusty old scissors to cut the circles by hand. I find it easiest to cut as much as possible in one go starting at the base of your scissors moving the felt round as you cut.


  • Applique the white icing on top of the brown circle. 
You can either applique the shapes on by hand or machine, the choice is up to you. I chose a simple running stitch for this tutorial but I'm currently using a blanket stitch on another ornament, it looks great!

  • Fold a length (about 15'') of of bakers twine in half to make a hanging loop, stitch in place.

  • Place both circles wrong sides facing and stitch together. 

You can machine sew the shapes together or hand sew them using a blanket stitch as I did.
  • Leave an opening of about 1'' to stuff your ornament before closing up.

  • Applique leaves and berries.

 You will only need a few small stitches to secure them. The thread will sink into the wool felt leaving your stitches near invisible, it helps if you use matching thread.

Voila all done! 
Now go sew some more they make great little gifts :)

As always if you make something from one of my tutorials please add your photo's to my Flickr group. It really makes my day seeing what you all come up with :)

x Leila


  1. These are adorable! I know my 8yr old and her best friend would love them. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

  2. thank you for this lovely tutorial, this ornament is just so sweet and adorable.

  3. So cute Leila! I'm finally getting in the xmas spirit too but a little freaked out it is only 3 weeks away!!!
    : )


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