Monday, 21 January 2013

Schoenrock Cross QAL - foundation paper piecing

Today's tutorial is on how to piece the Schoenrock Cross block using the foundation paper piecing method.

First off a few general tips on foundation paper piecing:
  • Always remember you are working in reverse, the image on the paper template is the mirror image of what your finished block will look like.
  • Because of that I always keep an extra printout of the templates, or finished block design next to my sewing machine for reference. 
  • Use a very short stitch length and a larger size needle, this will make it a lot easier to remove the paper from the wrong side of the block.
  • I use regular (cheap) printer paper to print out my foundation templates.
  • Over estimate the amount of fabric you will need for each section, especially if there is a diagonal seam. The last thing you want to be doing is unpicking seams with tiny stitches because you came up short of fabric. Trust me I know it has happened to me many times!
  • If you hold up your pattern against a source of light you can check if the fabrics are in the right place before sewing them down.

Block Pattern Templates, click here.

Block construction:

Finished block size 10"

The block consists of four corner blocks and a centre cross section.
The cross section is made up of 2" squares (1 1\2" finished) and 2" x 3 1\4" rectangles (1\12" x 2 3\4" finished) Refer to my previous post on fabric choices for different options in making up the cross section. I suppose in theory you could paper piece the squares and rectangles needed but why bother when it is so much easier to just cut them. So I didn't include the cross section in the pattern templates.

Step 1 - Piecing the cross section.

For the centre cross section cut:
Four rectangles 2" x 3 1\4"
Four end squares 2" x 2"
One centre square 2" x 2"
  1. Piece two sets of 1 rectangle and end square. 
  2. Piece one centre strip in the following order (refer to the diagram below): end square, rectangle, centre square, rectangle, end square. 
Step 2 - Foundation paper piecing the corner blocks

1. Print out the Schoenrock Cross paper piecing pattern. You will need four copies to complete the block.

2. Place the first two fabrics for section A1 and A2 right sides facing on the wrong side of the template, hold up against the light to check if they are in the right place and sew.
3. Fold back the pattern template along the seam and trim back the seam allowance to 1\4"

4. Fold the foundation paper back and press the block on the fabric side.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the next two sections of block A.

6. Trim back all seam allowances to 1\4" on all sides of the block.

7. Repeat steps 2- 6 for section B

8. Join sections A & B, make sure to match up the points and pin them in place. I like to sew a row of longer length basting stitches first to make sure everything matches up correctly. This seam is easier to unpick should the sections not match up.

9. Foundation paper piece three more blocks.

10. Join the top two squares and centre strip.

11. Join the bottom two squares and centre strip.

 12. Join the long centre strip to one complete half of your block.

14. Sew the top half  to the bottom half to complete the block and remove all paper from the wrong side of the fabric.

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All done!

Don't forget to show off your blocks in the Schoenrock Cross QAL group !

Schoenrock Cross QAL
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I'll be busy working on the freezer paper tutorial next!

x Leila


    1. such a gorgeous block - thanks for sharing!

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    3. This looks very cool! I plan on attempting at least one. I'm having trouble getting the pattern to print out at the correct size.


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