Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Pattern: Archer by Grainline
Size: 2
Alterations: none

While I was sewing this shirt I realised I have never ever sewn a button up shirt before. Most of the techniques involved weren't totally new to me but it was a first nonetheless. I think I did pretty good!

There was endless fretting over matching up the plaid fabric, which was a total steal at only €1 a metre it's a soft cotton or cotton blend (not sure) not quite brushed cotton but it comes close.

The Archer shirt pattern has been around for a while which gave me a chance to browse through the various versions and pattern reviews. I noticed that on most the sleeves sit quite low, since I have rather narrow shoulders I decided to go down a size in the hopes of getting a more fitted look. It did not work out entirely the sleeve still hits a tad low and in hindsight I believe I'd have been better off choosing my regular size for a more relaxed fit. The shirt fits me perfectly however and I didn't need to make any fitting adjustments so I'm just nitpicking over details now!

I found the sew along posts most helpful in constructing the bits that were new to me, sleeve vents, collar stand it all came together really well.
Sure I made a few mistakes, I sewed the buttonholes in the wrong way on the sleeve cuffs but we'll just won't mention that ;-)

I added a little Liberty to the inside yoke, the prints clash together in a way that I find most pleasing :-)

It's not exactly a party dress but I still get to wear something new and handmade for my birthday :-)

x Leila


  1. Your cuffs are finished so neatly, they're perfect. It looks really comfy to wear and really suits you :)

  2. It looks fab, and hey, at €1/metre you could afford to be a bit extravagant when pattern matching!

    Happy birthday :o)

  3. Has anyone told you that you're the spitting image of Olivia Colman? Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday, Leila! You look so great in this shirt! It doesn't look handmade. Sure wish I could sew like you do!!

  5. Rock and roll Leila, your shirt is bringing out your inner rock chick! Great result

  6. Happy Birthday Leila. Beautifully sewn. I will learn how to do this too one day! enjoy xxx


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